The Lost Privilege Company (Brian Getnick, Arne Gjelten, Tim Reid, and Asher Hartman) came together to interpret four poems from Blunt Research Group’s The Work-Shy presented at Archive Fever: Lost Words, Buried Voices, February 21, 2018 at USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute's Joyce J. Cammilleri Hall (BCI) in an evening of vivid performances by scholar and historian Miroslava Chávez-García, writer M. NourbeSe Philip, literary historian Caleb Smith, and poet and scholar Daniel Tiffany.

The Work-Shy’s poetic assemblages of direct testimony from the first youth prison in California formed the basis of this piece.  Brian Getnick, Arne Gjelten, and Tim Reid performed four poems composed of fragments of texts from both wardens and wards.

Since this performance, we have worked on pieces for 18th Street’s We Are the Artists (2018) and Raspberry Plunk for C’Baret: What Not Speak Easy, curated by Marie de Brugerolle, LAX/Art, 2019. We are currently working on a full length performance for 2020-21.

The Lost Privilege Company

Brian Getnick, Arne Gjelten, and Tim Reid, Asher Hartman, director

Four Poems from The Work-Shy by the Blunt Research Group, 2018

Video: Ian Byers-Gamber

Cbaret: What Not Speak Easy, LAXArt, West Hollywood, April 23, 2019
We Are the Artists, 18th Streets Arts Center, Santa Monica, November 10, 2018
Archive Fever: Lost Words, Buried Voices, Joyce J. Cammilleri Hall, USC Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI), Los Angeles, February 21, 2018