THE DOPE ELF (2019-2020)


Elves, trolls, magicians, and infectious agents of Europe’s historical disease come to life in the form of ordinary American folk who inhabit a landscape of psychic pain set upon the structures of white supremacy and violence.

Gawdafful National Theater’s most ambitious piece to date, The Dope Elf is a six hour tragic-comic saga of the lives of American otherworldly-everyday people whose souls have been deformed by the legacies of white supremacy. Meaninglessness, dissociation, unsatisfied lusting for power, partial orgasms and workplace blah underscore this serial jaunt through white power’s psychic legacy.

Written and directed by Asher Hartman

Pictured: Jacqueline Wright; Costumes by Sofia Benito, House design by Brian Getnick

Photos: Ian Byers-Gamber

Upcoming Performances
Yale Union, Portland, OR, September—October 2019
The Lab, San Francisco, CA, April 2020