In a troubled world not unlike our own, two lizard-men tumble from the sky to an abandoned jetty by the sea. Inhabited only by a sad sack Psyclops, a satanic bird, and a sexy snail, the jetty becomes a raunchy boys' room, an Edenic dope yard of pleasure and sick until on day...
Daddy's home. Soon hazy memories of war, incest, and a parricide fracture the minds of gods and animals and the humans cloaked within them. Smelly, crusty, an full of slime, Sorry, Atlantis: Eden's Achin' Organ Seeks Revenge is a comedy about childhood wounds, sexual repression, and the lure of power.

I remember when we was young and drunk, comin' out of the bar, laughing.
There he was an old man at forty-two, marked with disease and you gasped.
Look at you now, warping your mouth the same way.

Ah, guilt. Doesn't work. I'm pleased.
I don't have the guts to go into old age.
Look at you. You're so lucky. You're all ready ruined.

You thought, "I'm a most remarkable piece of flotsam and jetsam."
You turned out to be just about that.

The wind blows, a few twigs flutter. The sun, a light gleams on one of the ponds fronds

The beauty of sick
One strives for titanic impermeability
Christ, sword in hand, admits no front entry,
Vigilant, he guards his privates!
And receives his blossoms at the back door
Puckered roses, skin dances,
Something smeared across tomorrow never comes
Oh, it comes all right. It comes.
I'm glass. I'm mirror. I'm rain.
I'm a god, fellas, and I'll be back again.

Silence all filled up by squeals of pleasure, they rowed on.

Written and directed by Asher Hartman
Tim Reid, Assistant Director

Michael Bonnabel
Philip Littell
Zut Lorz
Paul Outlaw
Chelsea Rector
Joe Seely

Creative team:
Ian Byers-Gamber
Chris Candelaria
Nina Caussa
Chu-Hsuan Chang
Bob Dernberger
Paul Fraser
Brian Getnick
Diego Palacios
Michele Yu
Saskia Wilson-Brown

Photo: Ian Byers-Gamber

Sorry Atlantis: Eden's Achin' Organ Seeks Revenge opens on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 8:30PM at Machine Project, Los Angeles and runs through Sunday, November 19th, 2017.  The play runs 8:30-10:00PM, please arrive 10 minutes before showtime. No late entry. DISCLAIMER: This play is definitely, totally, and absolutely for adults only and contains high loud sounds, flashing lights, and a myriad of smells, ranging from good, to weird, to very bad. Those with verifiable notes from their therapists sanctioning their attendance may receive prizes.

To purchase tickets go here. 


Sorry, Atlantis: Eden's Achin' Organ Seeks Revenge in the Press

"Mixing Camp and Classical Myth in a Play about War and Repression"
By Matt Stromberg for Hyperallergic, September 19, 2017